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Welcome to the "Portrait Gallery". In this section we have compiled stories written by families and adults with congenital heart defects and how they deal with CHD in their daily lives. You will grasp insight and understanding of how each family overcame the obstacles in life they are faced with. The stories displayed have been voluntarily sent by all groups of people who have been affected by CHD, whether their child has it or they themselves have it. Medical technology has come a long way and has helped CHD children and adults live better and productive lives. We hope that you will learn from their experiences, and may you find comfort if you or a loved one has CHD.
Prenatal diagnosis: Brian   .   Angela
Birth experience: Millie
Birth to one year: Abigail   .   Adam   .   Stephen   .  Cassandra
Toddlers: Garrett  .   Jordan
Preschool age: Steven   .    Kalene.   Shanley
School age: Matt
Adolescence: Seth   .   Johnny
Adults: Melissa   .   Julie   .   Bonnie   .   Mark   .   Pat   .   Barbara   .   Kevin   .   Laura  .   Stephanie   .   Amy


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